Singlife CareShield Online Purchase Experience

Understanding what drives users to make online insurance purchases;
and empathising with the purchase experience as a digital insurer.

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In 2021 Singlife, an insurance-tech company has recently undergone a merger and re-identified itself with a new vision to make insurance accessible and fun for everyone. Our primary objective of this project is to resolve troubling issues which has surfaced across the years.

We aimed to promote a higher quality of self-service and education of insurance, such that users will be able to purchase with as little servicing required as possible.

As a result we have achieved close to 3 times increase in online conversion rates, and we also have an increased interest in the product where there is 2 times increase in which users requested for Singlife's financial adviser representative to get back to them.

Throughout this case study, we will explore the design process, outcomes and impacts of our efforts to achieve our goals.


UX Designer, Co-Product Owner


8 Months
(Dec 2021 - Sep 2022 continuous iterations)


User Research, Stakeholder workshops, Feature Prioritisation, Usability Testing, Design QA, User Stories & Test Plan


When users choose to visit our website to understand more about the product and its pricing, they expect a fuss free experience. However through analytics on our existing purchase journey, we have identified a high percentage of drop off at the quote page and on Singpass, leading to an extremely low level of conversion.

Through some research we identified the following key problems.


I redesigned the screens, ran through product teams and another usability test working on multiple iterations, leading us to the current design.
The screens presented here are mobile screens as I wanted to emphasise the mobile-first approach when designing this product.

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Providing information and context

Navigational accessibility & providing tooltips for context

💡 Implementation of a navigational stepper to help users identify where they are in the purchase journey;

💡 Helping users better understand jargon and simplifying language. For industry terminologies, tooltips are introduced selectively to share more insight into the copy.

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Understanding users needs

Asking relevant questions

💡 I worked closely with product and underwriting teams to simplify the jargons used and reduced the number of questions we ask the users in the application, to reduce their cognitive load.

Respective users' privacy

Reorganising the question flow

💡 I moved questions around, to allow for users to get confirmation on whether they are able to purchase the product upfront without having to scan their Singpass.

Addressing the users' concerns of how their information is used with if they choose to not purchase.