Hi I am samuel
a UX Designer at Singlife based IN Singapore 🇸🇬

I elevate the value of design by aligning business goals and users needs

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Project Highlights

Projects I've worked on end to end with multiple initiatives and are some of my proudest achievements.

Frequently asked questions

What is your design principle

My guiding principle in product design is to first deeply understand the product, its intended audience, and the value it can provide to the end customer.Building a product based on assumptions can lead to unvalidated theories, resulting in a bullwhip effect of events and hindering its potential for success

How would you describe yourself

I am a self-starter, that takes the initiative to tackle any task at hand with enthusiasm. I find great satisfaction in problem-solving, continuously seeking opportunities to hone my skills within and beyond the realm of UX design.

What would you like to achieve as a UX Designer

My goal is to be a UX designer with strong storytelling skillsets that will help me present logical concepts that empathise with both user needs and business goals.

While I strive to champion the user's voice, I also understand the importance of balancing the needs and requirements of all stakeholders. My ultimate aim is to create products that are loved by users and also align with the vision and objectives of the organisation.

What is good design to you

Design, much like food, is subjective in nature. From my perspective, a well-designed product adds value to an individual's life without being intrusive.

Do you describe yourself as a designer leaning more into UX or UI

I enjoy the brainstorming and problem-solving aspects of UX design; But I recognise that a well-executed UI is crucial in creating a product that users will love. Therefore, I am committed to continuously learning and growing on both planes of UX and UI Design

What are some of your hobbies

I enjoy the arts and spend time honing my crafts on the side. I am a hobby potter that enjoys making and selling functional ware in a humble shared pottery studio. I also love to brew coffee at home and visit the newest cafes in the hood, and exploring cafes overseas. I enjoy coffee from Kenya due to its coffee profile which tends to lean on the acidic side, boasting notes that are fruity, blackcurrant, tomato, pineapples etc.

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